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shapermint vs spanx

How can you pick the best online shapewear store? All of them are declaring to offer the best shapewear products at the most reasonable prices. After weeks of comparing reviews, costs, quality, and a range of various shapewear websites, we have pointed it down to two key websites – Shapermint vs Spanx.

Both brands carry a broad assortment of shapewear in all sizes and colors. Besides, they offer body slimming wear in three different firmness levels. Also, they both offer other items such as pantyhose, leggings, tights, and bras. They are also similar in the truth that they offer a simple follow sizing chart and a free return policy.

Both of them are dominating the shapewear market but for unique reasons. Read on, below, and find out the differences between each company before you choose which one is the best choice for you.

What is Shapermint?

Shapermint is the latest online shapewear store that has brought together several of the world’s top-rated shapewear brands all under one roof. Some of the shapewear brands you can suppose to find there are: Miraclesuit, Maidenform, Bali, Wacoal, Empetua, Squeem, Curveez, and many more.

They firmly consider that the success of their store relies on their customer’s happiness, so they truly listen to your reviews (we were surprised too). If any of their fabrics receive three stars or less, they will rapidly remove that item. You can get real shapermint reviews on their website.

But moreover just being an online platform for selling shapewear, they have changed themselves into a movement. A movement that is altering the way we view shapewear and our bodies. Lots of shapewear brands are liable to market body-shaping wear for those whose culture considers them to be overweight.

But one of the reasons we appreciated Shapermint is that they have created a movement of over a million women. All of us who are committed to using shapewear do not hide our curves but help them flaunt them. It was pretty inspiring watching several of their videos that certainly encouraged women of all ages to adore their bodies.

It kind of makes you proud to buy shapewear from a company that is trying so firm to build up women and not tear us down.

What is Spanx?

Spanx mostly put shapewear on our radar, by reinventing how shapewear was viewed. For many decades, shapewear was considered to be taboo. Even only put on Sunday’s by your Granny when she went to church. Absolutely, not something we would’ve been proud to declare that you wore.

Spanx has flashed a shapewear revolution by creating stiff, painful shapewear into something you would truly want to wear. Shapewear was reborn with seamless intends breathable fabrics and hold the strip to prevent slippage and so on. But when compared to Shapermint, they do offer a wider range of styles and products.

But, frequently many of their products are out of stock or those that are in a sensible price range are badly made. They are more devoted to making money than listening to the requirements of their customers. We noticed as drifting from link to link on their webpage that many of their fabrics had zero or one-star ratings. Also, it was very difficult to find a Spanx review 

Another feature of Spanx is that its plus-size shapewear was not like the so-called regular-sized shapewear. You need to go off into your section to look at a divided section of shapewear, which isn’t truly liberating.

What’s better Spanx or Shapermint?

Shapermint vs Spanx is different stores. Spanx has been the product that has put shapewear back on the map.

In other words, as an establishment of shapermint vs spanx today we have thousands of stores offering shapewear, spandex, shaper shorts, and shaper panties.

Additionally, Spanx creates its products; while conversely, Shapermint is a shapewear store.

 In Shapermint, you can get a wide variety of shaping products from different brands, among which are: Maidenform, Empetua, Miraclesuit, Squeem, Bali, Commando, and many more.

Shapermint is a store of shapewear and more. Moreover offering you the best brands so that you can pick the one that best suits your requirements, it also has a message of body positivity and empowerment. It’s a full attitude.

So if your problem is What is better shapermint vs spanx? Both brands are different and offer different brands of fabrics; you just have to get the one that works best with your body and your lifestyle.

Both brands offer good-quality products but we observed that Spanx was a little more expensive than Shapermint. However, Spanx offered a wider range of selection and color options. But Shapermint made us consider good about our bodies and that we shouldn’t be mortified of wearing something that creates us feel better about ourselves.

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