how to make your breasts look smaller

How to make your breasts look smaller?

Preparing for any parties and events, big-sized women can’t decide on the dress and undergarments as easily as the normal shape. It hurts most when wearing something backless or a specially designed dress. Still, some bra hacks for big sizes can bring them the desired joy and confidence, allowing them to wear the preferred dress. In that case Use a bra alternative for low-back dresses to make breasts look smaller.

We came up with some vital hacks to help plus-size women prepare for any occasion comfortably and attractively.

A few effective bra hacks for big size

Get fit

It’s a common yet crucial tip for any size woman. Wearing the wrong bra will cause back pain as well as hurt the neck. An incorrect bra also doesn’t cover the boobs properly. Thus, the user won’t be able to deprive the boobs of that.

Use the scoop and swoop method

Along with investing in a properly fitted bra, it’s also important to wear it correctly. Without a little care and focus, you will find the girls are bouncing. So you should know how to wear a bra correctly to enjoy the right shape and look.

Bra band

If you find the bra straps digging into the shoulder skin, possibly the reason are that you wear a bra with a too-big band. Don’t stick it in the similar size that you wore the earlier year. Even if you are in between changes, you may need to change the size at regular intervals. Another reason for digging the band is it may carry the most weight than a strap. Adjust your strap and relieve the pressure from the band and shoulders.

Stop slipping straps

Don’t adjust the straps so tightly, anything more than an inch can cause indentations. As a result, the strap will frequently slip off the shoulder.

Stop slipping straps bra

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Sleep in a bralette

Some specially designed bras offer support to the small size without underwire. It will help you enjoy the morning feeling lifted even without causing any sore spots around the ribs.

Sleep in a bralette bra


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Wear new bras on the loosest hook

A superb bra hack for big sizes is wearing a brand new bra with the loosest hook. Doing so will bring you the best support. Eventually, when the elastic stretches, you can tighten the hooks.

Wear new bras on the loosest hook

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Lift your breasts to look smaller

Though a strapless bra isn’t always a viable solution for big-size lifting, the bra will offer you more of a lifted cleavage by doubling up on both sticky lift tape.

Use a bra converter for low-back dresses to breasts look smaller

A low-back dress without a bra isn’t a good decision, especially for the breast department. Instead, you can try a bra converter to hide unsightly bra back straps for a dress with a plunge back to breasts that look smaller.

Add extra support to a strapless bra

If you need extra support with a strapless bra, attach a convertor strap, following one around the front to under the cups, and finally attaching it to the other strap hook.

Try a strapless corset

If you don’t find the above-mentioned tips effective, you can try a corset, basque or longline bra instead. These include an extra band that will offer better support around the body and gives the breasts even more lift.

Hand wash your bras

It’s a simple yet effective way to prevent washing machines and other tumble dryers from causing irreversible effects on the undergarments. So just apply hand washes, put on a cool and gentle protective bag, and keep the bras from becoming misshapen.

Wear a bralette around the house

A big-sized woman feels confused both wearing a bra and without wearing a bra. Underwire-free bralettes can be a good decision for such a woman as they give lift and support. Besides, it prevents the feeling of scaffolding and boosts confidence in the outdoors.

Rotate your bras

Rotating the bar will offer an underwire some time to retract back into shape and some crucial time for recovery.

Don’t be afraid if your bra band is too tight

If you accidentally buy a too-tight bra and don’t get the opportunity to return it, don’t panic. Adjust those extenders’ hooks to give the bra a few extra inches needed to feel comfortable.

Final words

It may feel a bit difficult to reshape a big-size body, but doing a bit of research and following some effective tips will help achieve the target. The bra hacks for the big size we have discussed above are handy and help you feel confident. read more…


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